June 7, 2014

Flipping Over Being Featured by Flipboard

No new post today since I figure you’re probably still making your way through the mammoth one I did on Wednesday. Besides let’s face it, everyone who cares about theater, including me, is focused on who, in all of this year's unusually tight contests, is going to walk away with a Tony tomorrow night.

But if you are still looking for more to read in the hours between now and then, I hope you’ll check out "Broadway & Me: The Magazine," which you can find on the Flipboard site. And I’m feeling like a winner this Tony weekend because the Flipboard folks have chosen it as one of the magazines they're highlighting this week (click here to see it on their featured page).  
Inspired by that honor, I’ve uploaded a whole bunch of new Tony-related stuff. You can go directly to the magazine by clicking here and I hope you’ll considering subscribing to it too.

See you after the Tonys.


James said...

Wow! This is great! (And I can't imagine how much work it was...)

broadwayandme said...

Thanks, James. It was actually great fun to do and is an ongoing project so I hope you'll keep reading both the B&Me blog and the B&Me magazine. In the meantime, responses like this one are the cherry on my ice cream sundae so I really appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment.