December 6, 2014

Who’s Won the Chance to Be Beautifully Sung to Sleep by “Beautiful" Co-Star Anika Larsen?

You readers know your stuff. Or at least those of you who participate in my giveaway contests do because once again everyone who wrote in had the right answer to the question, in this case about which show biz anthem was written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, who are also characters in the Carol King musical Beautiful.

The song is “On Broadway,” the prize is an autographed copy of "Sing You To Sleep," the debut CD by Anika Larsen, who plays Weil in the show, and the winner, plucked, as always, out of a hat by my husband K, is Kevin Smith of Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Kudos to him and to the rest of you who participated. Thanks, too, for the very nice words about this posts that came along with the responses. 

That’s all for today, although, as always, you can check out the articles I’ve recently posed on Broadway & Me, the Magazine, which you find by clicking here, and for some quick reactions to things I've seen and heard, take a look at my Twitter feed, which you can find here.

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