November 10, 2018

Taking Time Out to Celebrate My Other Love

As regular readers of this blog know, I'm crazy about my husband K. I also really appreciate his patience in allowing me to take up so much of my time with theater. We're just a third of the way through this month and I've already seen six shows; reviewed two of them in last week's blog post; recorded two interviews for Stagecraft, my Broadway Radio podcast series of conversations with playwrights (you can check all of them out by clicking here);  moderated a panel for the American Theater Critics Association's conference last weekend; had a story about inclusive casting published in the November issue of "American Theatre" magazine (which you can read by clicking here)  and posted a whole bunch of great stuff to the Broadway & Me magazine on Flipboard (which you can see by clicking here). And we're not even talking about my day job. So I hope you'll understand why there will be no post today cause I'm taking this weekend off to celebrate my special K.

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