January 16, 2016

Turning on the (Vacation) Ghost Light

My husband K and I are off for a no-Internet-access vacation so I've put on the ghost light that theaters set up when they're temporarily vacant. But I'm leaving plenty of good stuff for you to read and watch while I'm away:

The Flipboard site allows people who are obsessed with a subject (like me with theater) to collect articles they've read about that subject in a single spot so that they can share them with other similarly obsessed people (like a lot of you). I often refer you to The Broadway & Me Magazine and the stories put there currently range from rundowns of the various theater festivals playing around New York this month to a look inside the dressing room of Tim Pigott-Smith, who's giving a terrific performance in the title role of King Charles III, the play, closing Jan. 31, that speculates about what might happen when the current Prince of Wales succeeds his mother to the throne of England. Click here to see those pieces and others.

I've also honed in on a few specific obsessions with a Flipboard collection on Shakespeare in honor of this year's celebration of the 400th anniversary of his death (and you can find that one here) and another on everything I can find about the phenomenon that is the musical Hamilton (which you can find here).

And speaking of Hamilton, I hope you'll also read the Q&A I recently did for Playbill with Ron Chernow, the guy who wrote the biography on which Lin-Manuel Miranda based Hamilton. You can find it by clicking here.

But this isn't all about me. The actor and writer Eric Bogosian recruited a bunch of his friends to create "100 (Monologues)" a collection of videos in which such terrific actors as Dylan Baker, Jessica Hecht, Marin Ireland and Michael Shannon sit on a simple set and perform short soliloquies that Bogosian wrote between 1980 and 2006. One with Brian D'Arcy James, currently on a roll with his performances in the musical Something Rotten and the movie "Spotlight," raised the hair on my arms it was so damn good. You can check them all out by clicking here.

And although its connection to theater is slight, I got such a charge out of the video that mashes up the catchy Bruno Mars song "Uptown Funk" with dance sequences from the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals. I defy you to watch without smiling. Click here to find it.

Enjoy them all and I'll see you in a couple of weeks.

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