May 5, 2012

The First-Ever Broadway & Me Ticket Giveaway

Ethnic humor can be a tricky thing.  But anyone who's gone to the website Old Jews Telling Jokes will tell you that it can also be a very funny thing.  Now, some of those classic comic stories are being told on onstage as the new show Old Jews Telling Jokes began previews this week.

Since my friend Dan Okrent is one of the show's creators, I won't feel comfortable reviewing it when it officially opens on May 20 but I feel fine telling you that it's happening.  And Dan and his marketing team have made it possible for me to do even more than that.  They've given me a pair of tickets to give away.

This is a first for Broadway & Me and so I've been thinking hard about the best way to do it.  I thought about inviting you to send me a joke and then I’d pick the best one but, as I said, that can be a tricky thing.  So instead, I’m going to ask a simple question: 

What is the unofficial clubhouse for old Jews who tell jokes? 

(Hint:  you can see it on the Old Jews Telling Jokes website.  Second hint: it made more than a cameo appearance in Woody Allen’s “Broadway Danny Rose.”)

Email the answer to me at by midnight next Saturday, May 12.  I’ll put all the right answers in a hat, pluck one out and then will announce the winner—and send along the voucher for the tickets, which are good through May 25—on the following Wednesday. 

Good luck!  Or maybe I should say Mazel Tov!


Dano said...

But you'll be coming too, won't you???

jan@broadwayandme said...

You bet! But I'm going to actually buy tickets for K and me.