February 14, 2015

A Very Happy Valentine's Day for You, A Very Happy Anniversary forBroadway & Me

Valentine’s Day now means I get to celebrate two big romances in my life. The first, of course, is the ongoing one I share with my incredible husband K. And the second is with those of you who read this blog, which is eight years old today.  

Yep, I’ve been writing here for eight years!  I’ve seen a lot of theater during that time, shared all kinds of thoughts about what I’ve seen here, on my Twitter feed and in the pages of the B&Me Magazine on Flipboard. And I look forward to continuing to do so.  

But there’s no post today, except to say how very grateful I am for the shows—good and bad—that I’m able to see, for your keeping me company as I see them and for K’s great patience in allowing me to spend so much time doing all of it.  

Lots of love to you and yours, jan


K. said...

Congratulations on reaching this milestone. It has been a constant delight to witness the birth and continuous growth of B&Me, and I, like countless others I'm sure, am eager to see what you have in store for us in the years to come.
It's been a pleasure keeping up with your theater adventures all these years but, more importantly, it's been a joy and source of pride throughout to have you as my wife. So I wish you Happy Anniversary and a Very Special Happy Valentine's day!

broadwayandme said...

Re: the message above: Didn't I tell you all that he's a great guy.