February 16, 2008

A Heartfelt Anniversary Message

The date wasn’t chosen intentionally but it somehow seems like kismet that I wrote my first Broadway & Me blog entry on this subject that I love so much on Valentine’s Day. And so now, one year later, I’m taking time out to celebrate my first anniversary with you. And what a great year it’s been. I’ve seen over 100 shows and written about most of them. I’ve had the opportunity to read more and learn more about Broadway and the theater as I’ve prepared my entries. At the same time more and more of you are reading Broadway & Me, including folks in the theater community and my fellow theater bloggers online. My most heartfelt thanks to you all. I hope each of you—theater lovers, theater flirts and those who just want to know what is a good show to see—will continue reading and telling your friends to visit too. I’m also very grateful for your comments (a special thanks to those of you who have pointed out things that needed to be corrected!) and I welcome emails as well; you can reach me at jan@broadwayandme.com. In the meantime, let the shows go on and on and on. Cheers, jan


Esther said...

Hey Jan:
Happy blogoversary!

It's been so much fun to read what you and the other theater bloggers write. I've learned a lot and I've especially enjoyed reading about your suggestions for theater books and dvds and podcasts.

Congratulations on a great first year and best wishes for the next one.

Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Dear Jan,

Has it really been one year? Bravo!

With your love for the theatre art form always shining through in every posting, you have added such a wonderfully vital voice to the theatre discussion. I'm proud to link my site to yours.

Here's to your second year!


Steve On Broadway (SOB)

jan@broadwayandme said...

Esther and Steve, thanks to you both for your kind words here and the earlier ones throughout the year. Steve was--and continues to be--an inspiration for this blog and I'm grateful to you both for your sustaining comradeship.