March 25, 2015

Whose Wish to Win the Just-Released DVD of "Into the Woods" is Going to Come True?

As I said, people love Into the Woods. I’ve never gotten more responses for a giveaway than I got for last week’s offer of a free copy of the Blu-ray DVD of Rob Marshall’s all-star movie version of the Stephen Sondheim-James Lapine musical about the intertwined lives of some of our favorite fairytale characters.

And, of course, everyone got the right answer to the question of who played the Witch in the original 1987 stage version of the show:  Bernadette Peters. So I stuffed all the names into a hat (ever the optimist, I used a fedora I wear during the warm weather months) and then my husband K reached in and picked one out.

The person whose wish will be fulfilled is Forrest Hutchinson.

Congratulations to him and many thanks to all of you who participated in this one. And the extra bonus is that there are no losers because the DVD just went on sale yesterday and anyone can get a copy (or if you have Amazon Prime, stream it instantly) by clicking here.

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