October 19, 2019

Yes, There Are Shows I Like

As some of you know, I host a podcast for BroadwayRadio in which I interview playwrights and musical book writers about their shows.  I've had some great conversations (click here to listen to some of them) and I really enjoy doing them. But there is a downside: if I like a show, I try to talk to its author instead of writing about it.

This means that increasingly the shows I write about here are ones that I haven't been particularly fond of. And I'm starting to worry that this makes me seem like a perpetual naysayer when, of course, I'm a person who loves theater.

So instead of posting a review this week, I'm taking time out to call your attention to an interview I did with Will Arbery, whose Heroes of the Fourth Turning, a fascinating play about a group of young conservatives, is currently running at Playwrights Horizons (you can listen to it by clicking here.)

And I hope you'll also read a piece I did for the online publication TDF Stages about Will Hochman, the young actor who is appearing opposite Mary-Louise Parker in Adam Rapp's sensational new two-hander The Sound Inside, which opened at Studio 54 this week (you can read it by clicking here).

If I'd reviewed either of those shows here, I'd have told you how much I really like them and would have urged you to go see them.  Which is what I'm doing now.

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