July 20, 2019

Taking Time Out for A Quick Intermission

There's no regular post today because, as the GIF above illustrates, I'm running out for a quick intermission while my husband K and I take some time off for a little vacation. But I decided against putting out the ghost light I usually use when I'm taking a break because (1) this GIF is more fun and (2) I'm leaving behind some other things I've done for you to read and listen to while I'm away.

For starters, Slave Play, the provocative meditation on race and sex, is moving to Broadway in September and I got to do a Q&A for BroadwayDirect with its playwright Jeremy O. Harris and its director Robert O'Hara. You can read our conversation by clicking here.

I also interviewed the playwright Winter Miller about her moving new drama No One is Forgotten, which is playing at the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater through next weekend. It chronicles the struggle for survival by two women held in captivity in a small cell in an unidentified land. You can hear our discussion about it—and Miller's frank views about the way theater treats female playwrights—by clicking here.

And finally, I've added a bunch of interesting stories from a variety of sources to the B&Me Flipboard magazine, which you can find by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy all of them and I hope you'll come back to read the reviews of some of the many shows I'm panning to see and write about next week.

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