May 14, 2014

Time Out for Spring Fever…and Spring Reading

After my marathon of non-stop play going over the past few weeks, I’ve developed a serious case of spring fever. So I played hooky over the last couple of days: took long walks, took naps, went to a museum, went shopping and bought new shoes.

 What I haven’t done is write a post for today. But I’m not turning on the ghost light as I usually do when I come up empty here because I’ve got some other things that I think you might enjoy reading.
The first is the list of winners of the awards chosen by the Outer Critics Circle, of which I’m a proud member.  Click here to read it.

I’m also proud (so proud that I’ve already tweeted about it) that Playbill asked me to interview Norm Lewis about becoming the first African American to play the Phantom on Broadway.  Click here to read that.
I’ve also tried my hand at something new, my first Culturalist, a 1 to 10 rundown of some of the most notable trends of this past theater season. Click here to read it.

And if you’ve still got some time on your hands, I hope you’ll check out my Flipboard magazine, an ongoing collection of interesting reads I’ve discovered, enjoyed and thought you might like too.  You can find it by clicking here:

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