October 31, 2012

Surviving Sandy and Beyond

Hurricane Sandy has done its considerable damage and is now gone. My husband K and I hunkered down and got through it with no problems at all, save for a few flickering lights during the worst hours on Monday, and we feel blessed for having done so. 

Meanwhile, most Broadway shows, forced to shut down when all public transportation in the city was halted on Sunday, are returning to the stage, starting with today’s matinees.  Still, it feels somehow off to chatter about the shows I’ve been seeing when so many people are still grappling with the storm’s devastating aftermath. 

Large parts of the city, including Lower Manhattan, where theaters like the Public and the Vineyard operate, are still without power. There’s no subway service anywhere because many of the tunnels are still filled with water. Thousands of people, including one venerable Broadway book writer, have had to evacuate their homes.  

So although I had a post ready for today, I’m going to save it. Instead, I want to refer you to a piece my friend Howard Sherman wrote about the lingering effect the storm may have on the theater community that we all love. Click here to read it.  

And, when you can, help the theater recover by going to see a show. 

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